Spring Manifesting

New week, new month! I can't believe we are already starting the fourth month of the year... as always, time is slipping through my fingers so much faster than I would like it to. This week is going to be dedicated to writing, I got a few topics on my mind I want to share [...]


Girl Power

I've been a little absent lately, when it comes to writing. But today is International Women's Day and of course that's got me feeling ALL the feels. Inspired, empowered, worthy, and loved. To name a few. So maybe this will just be a bit of a ramble, but sometimes that's all I need is to [...]

The Sacred “Me” Time

Silas had his 2 month immunizations first thing yesterday morning, so it was a BIG day filled with nursing, baby wearing and a whole lot more nursing. It's never easy watching your littles endure being poked (three needles this time around!!), but luckily I had a lovely friend and her son come along to keep [...]

To Sleep Or Not To Sleep?

Is never the question. I remember as a new mom, one of my biggest pet peeves was being asked, "so how does he sleep?". Every. Single. Day. As if in one day Jackson had gone from sleeping 30 minutes at a time to a full blown 12 hour coma. Sure. Looking back, I am so [...]

Mother of Two

We have been home for a little over three weeks now.. and where to begin. Well first off, the goals are simple, sleep sleep and more SLEEP. This is something I'm starting to master.. sleeping when the opportunity presents itself before it quickly disappears. Having said that, coffee is still my best friend most days! [...]


Time. Does such a thing exist when you're a mother? There is always too little in a day, to try and accomplish the ambitious list we mom's tend to take on each morning. As we have now been home from the hospital for a week, I'm learning that it's the little accomplishments that go a [...]

January 1st 

Day 1 of 365. How amazing is it that the first day of 2018 lands on a Monday! A new day, new week, new month, new year. Now in my world, the Monday blues does not exist and there is no such thing as TGIF. When you're a mom of 2 under 2, the days [...]


It's 9:23 am Friday December 15th here at the Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops, BC. Going on Day 4 of living off hospital food, wearing what feels like an adult sized diaper, and visiting our little peanut who is tucked away in the NICU down the hall. When I summarized my year a few days [...]

2017 Wrap Up

With only a couple short weeks left of 2017, it's time for a wrap up! 2017 was the by far the most challenging year we survived as a new family unit, but also just myself as an individual. Part of the reason I started this blog was to create an outlet for expression. So many [...]

How Motherhood Changed My Inner Voice 

When I first started writing this post, I was sitting in a quiet little cafe downtown Smithers, having a much needed solo coffee date. As the hours leading up till then had been filled with so much frustration and impatience towards my son, I decided to take him to one of his grandparents house to [...]